Sponge Cake Recipe


* 250 gms Margerine/butter
* 250gms Finely ground sugar
* 250 gms Maida
* 6 eggs
* 1 pinch baking powder
* few drops vanilla essence


# Seive the sugar seperately and the maida and baking powder seperately and keep aside.
# Cream the butter/margerine until very soft (wooden spoon-circular motion).
# Gradually mix the sugar (wooden spoon- circular motion).
# Beat egg in a bowl till fluffy (egg white first and then the gradually mix the egg yolk) (egg beater).
# Slowly mix the egg in the batter (stainlees steel spoon-cut and fold method).
# Spoon by spoon mix in the seived maida and baking powder (stainless spoon-cut and fold method).
# Grease the baking tin and pour the mixture in the tin.
# Pre heat the oven at 250* and bake the cake for 20 mins.
# Remove the cake from the tin and cool on a rack