Aloo Bhajias Recipe

1 . 2-3 potatoes
2 . ½ kg rajgiri flour
3 . 1 glass Water
4 . Salt
5 . ½ tsp Red chilly powder
6 . 1/2 liter Oil for frying
Take a bowl and put the rajgiri flour in it.
Add salt and red chilly powder in the flour.
Now add water accordingly so as to make a little thick liquid like solution.
Take the potatoes and peel the skin of the potatoes.
Cut the potatoes horizontally into very thin slices and put salt on the potatoes.
Put the potatoes one by one in the flour paste that was made.
Now heat the oil and once it gets heated add the diced potatoes in the oil.
Deep fry the potatoes till golden brown and place the fried bhajias on a tissue paper so as to soak the excess oil.